Fifa Ultimate Team Strategy

FIFA Ultimate Team has become one of the most popular modes of game series FIFA. After being released as PDLC (additional paid content downloaded from the internet) in FIFA 09 and FIFA 10, EA SPORTS surprised everyone and released the Ultimate Team for free in FIFA 11, which certainly contributed to the sport finally become popular to be better exploited by everyone. FIFA 12 has arrived to the shops (or not, if you've purchased the domestic version of the Xbox 360) and with it the FIFA Ultimate Team finally reached his independence: Before a DLC, now a game mode! And in addition to the PS3 and Xbox 360, the FUT came to PCs and Mac 's, what will he be exploited to the maximum by all players of the FIFA. Ultimate Team Guide

But what is the FIFA Ultimate Team? To summarize: it's like a game of cards (or figurines, as you prefer). Are cards from players, coaches, uniforms, shields, stadiums, balls, etc. All cards are divided into 3 categories: gold, silver and Bronze. The cards are achieved in two ways: Packs (packs) or Exchange. As for packs, are two ways to achieve: Using coins (coins) or real money. How to get coins? Playing tournaments and friendlies offline or online.

If you are starting now, when entering the FUT must choose a name for your team. It can be anything! Since Tim EC Drim (my example) to Street Team 8 (random example). Of course it must be a name that has not yet been chosen. For starters you get a pack of cards (players, two uniforms, shield and ball). Once this is done, you are already a player of the FIFA Ultimate Team!

With its brass players team made, it's time to play the tournaments that he fits to get coins. Are several options for various categories. For example, has made for tournaments teams formed with 100% bronze cards, has made for team tournaments with a maximum of 2 stars, etc. The more difficult the tournament, more coins he gives of the award. If you don't have patience and want silver or gold packs soon, can use their credits on PSN or your MS Points or their FIFA Points on the PC to buy them. The price of packs in coins are very attractive (do not know the value for real money). The bronzes cost 400 (normal) and 750 (Premium), 2,500 and 3,750 silver and gilded 5,000 and 7,500. The Premiums are differentiated because it contains more rare cards. But buying a pack of gold, for example, does not guarantee that you will get only gold players. There is a great possibility of silver cards also.

The other way to get the cards I mentioned up there was an Exchange, remember? You can trade or buy the cards individually on a auction system. To go in option Trading, you can search for any card that is in that auction and make an offering of coins or any other card that you have on your list of exchanges.

This option trading/auction is extremely popular. Considering that some cards are very difficult to achieve, the most direct option for you to have one player who both want is just entering in this auction. For example: The image below of my cast, Victor, Henry, Arouca, Guiņazu (that is with the photo of the NIS), Diego Souza and Leandro Damião were bought at auction.

The Brazilian players are more represented in the FUT this year. If we compare with last year, many new players are Brazilians. Virtually all players that have photo on FIFA 12 are in the FUT.

A new feature implemented last year that has been little explored was the Team of the Week. The TotW consists of, every week, the best players in the world earn a card Special Edition with black and pumped attributes. These special cards can be found in packs like any other card, but are much more rare. And not only! This year we can play against these TotW. When you press Y (x 360) or triangle (PS3) in the main menu of the FUT (as in the first image of the post), you're taken for TotW screen and can choose which one you want to face. Every Wednesday the EA offers new TotWs.